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Performing tours for choirs and orchestras

We have organised concert tours for hundreds of choirs and orchestras from United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Southern Africa and elsewhere in the world. We have also served many International Choir Festivals.  Apart from travel arrangements we will also find suitable performing places and appreciating audience for your choir, orchestra or dance company and organise meetings with similar local groups.

Tiffin choir

Tiffin choir

Orchestras and music events

We are one of the exceptionally few travel agencies in the region, capable of hosting full size orchestras and musical groups, including full service i.e. special logistical arrangements of musical instruments, hosting highly professional concerts. 

A lot of musicians and orchestras choose Baltics as their travel destiation, since among many other reasons Estonia is the homeland for world renowned composer Arvo Pärt. It is a region where professional music is both composed and highly appreciated.

We had two wonderful concerts in Helsinki and Hämeenlinna and found new friends.
— Sylvia Lochse, Neuer Kammerchor Heidenheim

Chorale - University of Norther IOWA

Chorale - University of Norther IOWA

Choir music

We have long standing co-operation with multiple choirs, conductors and choral associations. One of our key strengths is organizing concerts for choirs in the whole Baltic Sea region. Based on experience, we know, what matters the most for choirs to ensure a long remembered experience.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have a tradition to host a Song Festival every 4-5 years which have ca 30 000 singers each, making them one of the largest in the world. Additionally Tallinn hosts an International Choir Festival every second year, which we have served on multiple occasions. In addition there are numerous other musical events happening on all borders of the Baltic sea giving a lot of reasons to come.

The audience was quite numerous and the concert in Tallinn was our best!
— Kjell Berge, Cantilena

PFG - The new generation youth jazz

PFG - The new generation youth jazz

Every trip and every event is special

 Each and every performance tour sets very specific requirements depending on musicians, style, location, audience and many other factors. We never leave these specific needs unattended and take pride in tailoring the whole programme together with you by making use of our experience with many different kinds of musical groups, i.e school choirs, jazz groups, professional bell musicians etc

Thank you very much for all. It has been a pleasure to work with you!
— Francesco Ermi, Coral Sant Medir